Saturday, July 24, 2010

Start of my quest for PMP

It all started roughly three and a half years ago when I attended the 4-day PMP training. It was an eye opening experience for me in terms of the Project Management discipline. My trainer insisted that we go for the exam within a few months or we might lose interest and never attempt the exam. But I wanted to wait and gather some quality experience in project management and then go for PMP. Finally, by June 2009, I realised I was ready to go for it. So, the first step was to get the PMI membership and get the latest edition of PMBOK i.e. PMBOK 4. Then, it took me another 6-7 months to complete the PMP application.

My preparation actually took off in February 2010, only to stop by mid of March. I resumed it again in May 2010, Since then, it has been a rigorous journey with books, web sites, tutorials, presentations, questions and a google group. Finally, I earned my PMP on 19th July 2010.

I will narrate my experiences of my PMP journey, in detail, in the posts to follow. Hope this blog helps the aspiring PMPs in some way. However, this blog will never be a one-stop solution for sure.

~ Qais

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