Saturday, July 24, 2010

PMP Practice Tests

I believe that one might study all the books and text available for PMP preparation but the preparation would never be complete without doing some sample questions and prtactice tests.

I took about 4-5 full durations tests during my preparation and chapter-end questions in HeadFirst PMP and Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep. Along with that, I solved a lot of questions on some websites. The following list has most of them that I remember.
- PMstudy (Full Test)
- PreparePM
- PMRoadTrip (Knowledge areas, Full Test)
- Full length test in Andy Crowe's PMP book
- PMP full length exam on Headfirst PMP
- Oliver Lehmann's 175 questions PDF
- Oliver Lehmann's 75 Free Questions

- Questions on
- Questions on

The idea is to understand how questions are made from the exact text or concepts in PMBOK. Sometimes, they are worded to confuse the test-taker. One needs to be careful enough to read the questions properly and completely, think of the answer while looking at the way choices are given and finally answer the question. Words such as ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, ALMOST, NEVER, FIRST THING, BEST THING, EXCEPT, OTHER THAN, DOES NOT INCLUDE, ALL BUT... can make the questions tricky.

That's about the PMP practice questions and tests that helped me Earn my PMP.

~ Qais

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